About Fifth Night

Fifth Night is an annual event where young children learn to make a difference by donating a night of Hanukkah gifts to a chosen children’s charity.  The goal of Fifth Night is to help the little ones better understand and appreciate the importance of their donations by learning about the charity and the families who will be benefiting from their gifts. By giving in a group setting, there is a shared energy and enthusiasm that makes Tzedeka fun and rewarding. Together, we are also able to make a more significant contribution to a charity in need.

About The Founders

Robert and Rachel Glazer, and Amy Finn, the founders of Fifth Night, are Needham parents who wanted to help enrich the holidays by extending their children’s spirit of giving beyond their own families, to the greater community. As our kids grew older, we explored the concept having them donate one of their Hanukkah gifts, but never really knew how to make it meaningful.  We talked to many other families who felt the same way, and these discussions inspired the creation of Fifth Night.

ut Fifth Night: